From juice flavors to size offerings, all natural to organic, Blue Lake Citrus delivers a complete turnkey program tailored to your needs.

We will work with you to create the perfect juice program. We can provide it to you in bottles, drums, and tankers with a stellar turnaround time.
* Custom juices are based on volume requirements.

At Blue Lake Citrus, we produce pure Florida juices that can be customized for your needs. Our cold-pressed, gently pasteurized juice is offered in many different varieties or we can create a specialized blend just for you. Family owned and operated, our juice is manufactured in an SQF certified plant and boasts a sustainable, proprietary juicing system to ensure that you receive the highest quality, freshest tasting juice throughout the year.

Your success is our success. To help you grow your business we offer a complete turnkey program, which includes:

  • Customized packaging and label including bottles, caps, labels and/or sleeves
  • Access to in-house sales and marketing, industry data, consumer & trend analysis, design, point of sale, communications, promotions, social media, bloggers, PR and advertising
  • Limited time offers to increase your sales