Deeply rooted in citrus, the Roe family has been in the business of delivering the highest quality, sweetest citrus since 1927.

What started as a fresh fruit distributorship evolved over four generations into a thriving fresh fruit packaging and juice processing corporation. William G. Roe, the “founding father” of Noble and Blue Lake Citrus, and his family escaped the cooler temperatures of the north for the central Florida sunshine. After building a fresh fruit packing house, the family became focused on planting tangerine groves, starting first with the Dancey Tangerine. In 1927, the “Noble®” name was registered and thus began the packing of only the highest quality, sweetest tangerines.

While our story is a happy one, it is not without some struggles. The devastation to the citrus industry in the 1980’s left the third generation of family leadership looking for ways to innovate. By the 1990’s, the majority of the citrus industry had already ruled out using tangerines to make juice. They found that picking the entire tangerine tree at one time produced bitter juice. Bill, Quentin and Morgan were convinced by their Mom’s home-squeezed tangerine juice that peak of season, sweet tangerine juice could be achieved and shared. As industry innovators and juice artisans, the Roes’ hand-pick each tangerine at the height of sweetness, only when the fruit is ready, never before which produces the best and sweetest tangerine juice you’ve ever tasted.

For nearly twenty years, Blue Lake Citrus has been flourishing. Today, Blue Lake Citrus is the leader in producing premium all natural and organic juices. Committed to the longevity of the product and citrus farming, Blue Lake Citrus believes in sustainability and giving back. The bottles used are 100% sustainable and are even made at the facility; keeping the total business carbon footprint environmentally friendly.

A time-honored tradition has been established: Grow the best fruit possible to produce the most premium, artisan juice. This method has served the Roe family and Blue Lake Citrus well for almost a century.